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Navigating the New Normal.

Many of my clients have jumped back into re-establishing work relationships and figuring out how to socialize in the new normal as they come out of the forced isolation due to COVID-19.

As excited as they are to be reconnecting, most are struggling with how to find a balance of soaking in the in-person energy with preserving the space and solitude they discovered (or rediscovered) during the pandemic.

Most of them work in fast-paced, high-pressure careers and thrive on the high they get from quickly accomplishing task after task. They also thrive on the energy generated by being with other people. The space created by the pandemic allowed them to race through their to-do lists faster than ever. The space also left them with some much needed quiet and forced them to find energy from within.

The challenge they now face is simply learning how to say, “No.” Saying “No” is not easy for them and goes against their natural inclinations. They want the immediate energy jolt from being with another person. They also want to capitalize on the balance and focus they experienced during the pandemic.

Some of the strategies that are working for them include.

• Blocking out time on their calendars every week for reflection and journaling;

• Setting aside walk (or run) and reflect time on a regular basis; and

• Finding a colleague who is willing to be an accountability partner.

As one of my clients said, “I’m constantly fighting against the pull of my TO-DO list. Sarah* is my secret weapon to making sure I rest and reflect.”

*Sarah is his accountability partner.

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